Analytical Industries Inc. (Aii)  are a sensor and analyser manufacturer based in the US, and are represented in the UK by GOTEC Ltd. who are the sole agents in the UK - based in Scotland.   Aii manufacture in excess of 100 different types of sensorss including life support and anesthesiology equipment oxygen sensors for medical use, personnel monitoring and industrial gas analysis sensors.  They have recently introduced a  new range of diving sensors  in response to the growing demand in the US and the UK.  mainly as a result of the increasing use of recreational diving rebreather equipment.

The owners of Aii are ex corporate officers and scientists from Teledyne Inc. who are a well known name in the sensor industry.  Aii are the only suppliers to the US Navy of sensors for the Mk15/16 Rebreather, these sensors are available from GOTEC Ltd and are included on the Aii product sheet.

The Aii Diving Sensor  product reference page covers the range of sensors available and which are specifically manufactured by Aiifor  use by divers and diving  related activities, These sensors are available from GOTEC Ltd.

 As demand increases for Aii sensors Gotec Ltd will ensure sufficient stocks are available here in the UK to offer customers  a 24 hour delivery service   as is currently the case with our very successful  range of medical sensors.

 A product reference sheet for the Analytical Industries GPR - 30 oxygen analyser is also available from GOTEC Ltd.  This analyser is the easiest and most simply operated analyzer available, it calibrates on air - it has an on/off switch and a thumb wheel for calibration - very quick- very easy.  These are available from GOTEC Ltd made up in kit form and packaged in a Drybox. The kit enables a  sample to be taken very quickly and directly from a HP cylinder thereby reducing chances of  errors due to the use of sampling bags.

Further information on Sensors - Analysers & other GOTEC Ltd Diving Products are available from:
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