New Rebreather Book Published

"Mastering Rebreathers"
  by Jeffrey Bozanic

Mastering Rebreathers is a comprehensive new book on rebreathers written for the diving industry. Its chapters cover all types of rebreathers currently available, the history, physics, physiology, and theory of rebreather diving, pre-dive, dive, and post-dive procedures, maintenance and travel considerations. It is designed for use as a generic textbook for all agencies and rebreathers.

For those who would like to experience the thrill and excitement of expanding your diving skills and re-invigorating your passion for diving – you could hold in your hands a magnificent tool to help you get where you want to go. In well-trained hands a rebreather will not only enhance the capabilities and enjoyment of diving, but will increase safety as well. The information you need is here for you to acquire in the book, Mastering Rebreathers. Whether you are new to rebreathers and are using this book as part of a formal training course, or you’ve been diving with rebreathers for years and have bought this book to add to your library, or even if you are just curious to learn more about this exciting form of underwater life-support, you will find enormous value in Mastering Rebreathers.

-History -Diving Techniques
-Types of Rebreathers -Post-Dive Procedures
-Diving Physics -Long Term Maintenance
-Physiology -Emergency Procedures
-Theory -Travel
-Rebreather Design -Where Do You Go from Here?
-Preparing for the Dive -Rebreather Supporters

Book Number B1033, $29.95 plus shipping, 548 pages, beautifully bound hard cover book with full-color photos. ISBN 0-941332-96-9

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