Sea Stealth Announces New Rebreather

Category: Equipment

Sea Stealth is conducting the final evaluation dives of our Pneumatic Heart rebreather. Production units are expected to be available for shipment sometime in August 2002. Our rebreather features an on demand gas addition system that adjusts the amount of gas added to the breathing loop according to the metabolic demands of the diver, and an automatic water collection and removal system. It is the first rebreather to use the pneumatic pressure of the added gas to do the work of moving the divers exhalation through the scrubber. This unique feature makes the pneumatic heart breathe much easier than conventional rebreathers.

Our rebreather is designed to maintain a life supporting gas mixture automatically and provide the ease of use, low cost and low maintenance required to make rebreathers popular among amateur sport divers. We hope many open circuit SCUBA users will find the six or more hours per tank possible with the system irresistible.

Prices are as yet undetermined but expected to be considerably below $2,000 US Dollars. We will price our first units as low as possible in an effort to get as many units into the field as soon as possible. We want to take rebreather technology out of the hands of the military and put it into the hands of any sport diver who wants to enjoy the dramatic increase in performance that rebreathers have over open circuit SCUBA.

We welcome inquiries about our products. Address any requests for information to:

Cynthia Schubert Sea Stealth Corp. 8145 South A1A Melbourne Beach, FL 32951