New Zealand firm "Second Wind Rebreathers" announces products.

New Zealand- February 24,2000- A New Zealand firm, "Second Wind Rebreathers", is manufacturing both Semi-closed and fully closed rebreathers for the recreational market. Their products include the Semi-closed constant flow SCR called the "Reefmaster", and the fully closed electronic rebreather the "Oceanmaster". Approximate cost and specifications as follows:

Type: Constant flow, Semi-closed circuit rebreather Recommended
Use: 88min duration to max depth 30m (100ft)
Cost: Approximately $2400 USD
Shipping: June 200 (allow 8-12 weeks from date of order)

This rebreather may be upgraded at a later date to the fully closed "Oceanmaster" (see below)

Type: Fully closed,constant pp02, electronic rebreather Recommended
Use: 6hrs duration to max depth 150m (500ft)
Cost: Approximately $5000 USD
Shipping: December 2000 (allow 8-12 weeks)

Contact: Dave Ray Project manager Second Wind Rebreathers email: