Shelton Company enters the rebreather market. (CCR 2000)

Shelton, WA - February 9, 2000 - Olympic Submarine Technologies, a division of Olympic Tool & Engineering, the people who recently introduced the world's first personal cruising submarines, today announced it's latest acquisition. O.S.T. will become the exclusive worldwide manufacturer and marketer of the CCR 2000tm Electronic Closed Circuit Rebreather from Dan Wible.

The CCR 2000tm Rebreather is the most technologically advanced underwater breathing system in the world. A rebreather is a self-contained breathing apparatus for use underwater which reuses at least part of each breath. This should be contrasted with "Scuba" (open circuit) where the entire breath is expelled into the surrounding water when the diver exhales.

Rebreathers are able to reuse the oxygen left unused in each exhaled breath while they simultaneously remove C02 with a chemical which "traps" the C02. The net result is greatly extended dive times with relatively small tanks. An added benefit is a relatively quiet dive as there are little or no bubbles produced.

Commercial divers benefit from the great utility and depth capabilities along with the added endurance they can obtain. Military divers can swim great distances and go undetected because there are no bubbles. Technical, wreck and cave divers are using the CCR 2000tm because it is not only the best system on the market, but the easiest to use and less expensive than any other system offering somewhat similar features.

The CCR 2000tm is currently in use in New Jersey, New England, Canada, Key Largo, Grand Cayman, Nassau Bahamas, England, Korea, Holland and Seattle, Washington.

The CCR 2000tm has been open water tested to 600 feet, and is designed for depths down to 2000 feet. This rebreather system was the first fully closed circuit unit used to penetrate the Andrea Doria and on the HMS Britannic.

The Andrea Doria, you might recall, was a 697' ocean liner, known as The Grand Dame of The Sea, which was sunk off Nantucket in 1956 after a collision with a Swedish liner, Stockholm in a fog bank. The Andrea Doria rests in about 250 feet of water. The HMS Britannic, sister to Titanic was a hospital ship during WW I. She sunk near Kea Island in the Agean in 1916, from an explosion in the reserve coal bunker. She now lies in 400 feet of water.

"Rebreathers have, in the past, been largely confined to the military but now with advancements in computer technology we are able to provide a very reliable, high quality system to commercial, technical and sport divers", said Dan Wible, inventor of the CCR 2000tm.

"There are 20 million divers in the world and many of them have been long-awaiting this technology." according to Jim Carnahan, Director of Marketing for Olympic Submarine Technologies.

Skin Diver Magazine said, "We have seen the beginnings of rebreather devices and watched the emergence of technical diving for deep or prolonged submergence on exotic gas mixes. What is driving us toward high tech diving? Very simply, today's divers want to see more, stay longer and go deeper. The urge to explore is stronger than ever."

This product is different from those of the competitors because it incorporates the latest technology in computers and programming. The software that runs this system is sophisticated and comprehensive, covering every aspect of dive planning, system control and safety, without sacrificing ruggedness or dependability.

Olympic Tool & Engineering is a very successful manufacturer of parts and fabrications for such companies as Boeing, Lockheed and Hanford Nuclear Reservation. The company is active in aerospace, nuclear, commercial and military markets. The principals of Olympic Tool & Engineering hired Jim Carnahan as their Marketing Director in late 1998 to expand and diversify the company into High-tech proprietary markets.

The first new product introduced was the Olympic 105, the world's first personal cruising submarine. Since then Olympic Submarine Technologies was formed and two additional models have been offered, a 19' two or three person submarine that can be carried aboard a yacht or towed behind a car on a trailer, and a 40’ executive submarine designed to take up to ten people out for a day of sight seeing down to depths of 1200' below the surface.

Dan Wible, the inventor of the CCR 2000tm is a very successful engineer with vast knowledge in the area of breathing gases, human life support and high-tech rebreathers. He is a diver and dive instructor with years of underwater experience. "He has a burning desire to design and engineer the very best and most reliable rebreather ever conceived. To date, he has accomplished his objective with the CCR 2000tm", said Carnahan. "We are ecstatic over our relationship with a man as brilliant as Dan Wible. He has an incredible knowledge of all things rebreather and there is simply no question among the experts that I spoke with, and there were quite a few, that the CCR 2000tm is, in fact, the very best".

To reach Olympic Submarine Technologies for a free brochure, you can call 360-426-7878 or write to them at W 21 Sanderson Way, Shelton, WA 98584. or visit their website at