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Late breaking news from Steam Machines....     Steam Machines has entered into an technology agreement with Carlton Technologies (which recently purchased Sherwood and Fullerton).  This agreement should further the development of all three companies rebreather manufacturing. You can view the NEWS RELEASE on these pages.

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The PRISM Topaz is a fully closed curcuit rebreather designed by Peter Readey. The name PRISM is an acronym for: Peter Readey's Incredible Steam Machine. The PRISM Topaz is a product of Steam Machines, Inc.

This site contains an HTML version of the PRISM Topaz Literature in Four parts...

  • Part I - Design Overview

  • Part II - Primary Instrumentation

  • Part III - O2 Setpoints

  • Part IV - Sensors, Scrubbers, and Counterlungs


    28 January 1998
    Anaheim, California
    For Immediate Release

    Steam Machines and Carleton Technologies Team on Closed Circuit

    Steam Machines, Incorporated and Carleton Technologies, Inc. today
    announced a strategic partnership which should speed development of the
    recreational rebreather market. Speaking at the Diving Equipment and
    Marketing Association show in Anaheim, Steam Machines vice president Bill
    Thackrey summarized the arrangement. "We've been working with Fullerton
    Sherwood for some time now to develop common components between our
    recreational rebreathers and their very highly regarded military ones.
    Carleton's recent acquisition of Fullerton Sherwood paved the way for us to
    pool resources in a way that will benefit all three companies" said

    "The diving public should benefit too. A key goal of the alliance is to
    develop a common component closed circuit system hardware platform that
    can be easily adapted to meet the needs of recreational, commercial and
    scientific divers as well as the various military mission requirements"
    said Steam Machines president Peter Readey. "This alliance is especially
    exciting since it allows us to marry PRISM technology with Carleton's
    technologies and manufacturing expertise."

    Carleton, manufacturers of the US Navy Mk16, and SIVA series military
    systems, will continue its marketing focus on military markets. Steam
    Machines will continue marketing to the recreational, scientific and
    commercial communities.

    For further information contact Steam Machines at 310-937-5200 or by email
    at info@steammachines.com

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